What Do I Need for my Lessons?

Paragon FAQ

What is Saddle Seat?
Saddle Seat is a style of horse riding within the category of English riding. It is designed to show off the horses' natural abilities and its rider's horsemanship in the show ring.
What age do lessons start?
It all depends on the rider. Ask us to schedule an introductory lesson so we can evaluate your child's abilities. We cater each lesson to the rider's ability whether they are a child or an adult.
Do you jump at Paragon?
No we do not. Our program is focused on rider's skill and ability to ride their horse on the flat.
What equipment do I need for lessons?   
After 1 month of lessons, all riders need to purchase their own gloves, jods, boots, and helmets. Please see our required riding attire guide above to ensure you have the proper attire.
I've been taking lessons for a while... now what?
Our program's natural progression is from lessons to our Academy Team, to our Show Team. In order to join a team, you must attend lessons twice a week, which is also a great way to better yourself as a rider!

Is there somewhere I can find everything I need for lessons?
Here's a link to our (almost) one-stop shop for lesson apparel! Please also check out our riding attire handouts, attached below.

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