The Academy Team at Paragon Stables

The Academy Team is a great way to dip your toes into the world of showing. On the team, you will have the opportunities to ride and show Paragon school horses on the local and national level. Riders on the Academy Team attend lessons at least two times a week in order to prepare for shows. Although each rider shows individually, you will feel like a family on the Academy  Team as you train, travel, and show together with the horses you and your family love the most.

The Paragon Stables Academy Team has ample opportunities throughout the season to show, make friends, travel, obtain awards and scholarships, and so much more. Once invited to the team, riders have the opportunity to show at competitions around the Tampa and Ocala areas throughout the season, and to experience new places with their team by traveling across the country.

Through the Florida State Highpoint program, riders compete against other riders in Florida to build up the most amount of points throughout the season. At the end of the season, these riders all come together to cheer each other on, see who prevailed, and set new goals for the upcoming season. Membership to this program is billed during the rider's first show of the season.